Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

The laser has revolutionized dental care just as it has so many other areas of our lives.  With the Biolase Water Laser, we can provide children with a new painless method of dental care, which often can be performed without injection of local anesthesia.

Lasers use energized water and light to safely perform a number of dental procedures.  We have a laser unit that sprays atomized water combined with activated light energy to remove decayed tooth structure and diseased gum tissue without heat or vibration.  Since there is no heat or vibration, the laser reduces the need for needles and numbness.  Furthermore, the laser can cut tooth structure more conservatively than traditional dental drills.  It can relieve painful canker sores and accelerate their healing.  It can relieve tongue-tied conditions in children with a minimum of anesthesia, no sutures, and almost no bleeding because the laser cauterizes as it cuts.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

· In most cases, there are no needles or any numbness, kids won’t chew their lips or tongue when they leave the office and can eat right away.

· The laser’s pinpoint accuracy allows the dentist to leave as much healthy tooth structure as possible when removing tooth decay.

· The laser performs numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding and no need for sutures.

· Soft tissue healing after laser surgery is faster than surgery done with traditional scalpel blades or with electro surgery.

· Due to the laser uses only light and water to cut, surgical sites heal very quickly and with minimal or no bleeding.

What can be done in the dental office with our laser?

· Laser dentistry results in the very conservative removal of decay resulting in minimally invasive procedures.

· Lasers are very efficient at gum re-contouring (gingivectomy) procedures especially during and after orthodontics (braces).

· Lasers are ideal for relieving a child who is tongue-tied where the tongue cannot move normally because it is held by too short of a fibrous cord of tissue in the floor of the mouth.

· Lasers can relieve painful canker sores with guaranteed accelerated healing